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You’re here early! Very kind. Although it’s a little sparse, you can expect it to become more populated over time. Reversed has a couple goals. Some near term, while others longer-term.

Reversed aspires to generate connections, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources. Given its nascent stage, we can establish a rough position by listing some of these sources and discussing their influence.

Prolific trip reporters, including these individuals:

These resources serve not only as sources of entertainment, allowing us to momentarily immerse ourselves in these locations when we are elsewhere, but they also offer valuable information about lesser-known destinations. In doing so, they contribute to a shared pool of knowledge for the benefit of the community.

Individuals who uncover and showcase their unique perspectives through various practices include:

Reversed aspires to be an arrow that points, amplifying voices by identifying shared values and raising awareness for activist causes. Specific to the Eastern Sierra, some of these initiatives include:

Reversed seeks to delve into both familiar and emerging formats, spanning short-form videos to long-form writing. The landscape of publishing is constantly evolving, as are the methods for funding and maintaining creative publishing practices—another aspect that sparks interest.

It’s with great excitement Reversed soft launches. To stay informed, subscribe to the newsletter and follow on Instagram. Perhaps now would be a good time to set aside your device for a while and enjoy a short walk?