Reversed, created and maintained by Jon-Kyle, serves as a source of: field reports on perception, play, and environment; equipment reviews which go beyond pure utility and explore stories behind the scenes; and links to the goods from elsewhere, including inspiration, beta, tunes, and more.

Reversed focuses on showcasing the subtle and nuanced aspects often overlooked. There are no plans for an energy drink. Instead, the emphasis is on the experiential elements—the people and places that connect us.

More will be shared over time.


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Why the name Reversed?

The name refers to two notable geological features located within the June Lake Loop in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, where Jon-Kyle resides. These features are Reversed Peak, the center of a unique horseshoe-shaped glacial moraine, and Reversed Creek, the drainage system connecting June and Gull lakes.

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Anything else?

Reversed’s operating carbon footprint is optimistically offset via Wren subscription, funding carbon removal, offsets, climate policy, and conservation across a diverse portfolio of initiatives.


July 2023
It’s now possible to filter the Supply by category. Formatting improvements most everywhere.

April 2023
Launch! Hello world. Somewhat minimal but the scaffolding is here to build around. Make yourself cozy. A handfull of entries published, still quite the backlog, and plenty of ideas. Gallery and catalog are basic.